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How not to handle a layoff: the Tesla case

Posted on | January 13, 2008 | Comments Off on How not to handle a layoff: the Tesla case

Good and timely PR advice:

How NOT to handle a layoff, via Tesla « FoundRead

In an unfortunate lapse of good judgment, Tesla’s spokesperson Darryl Siry told VentureBeat there was no reason to worry and added, rather defensively, it seems:

“We’re letting go of people who are either not the best on the team, or are working on something that is not a priority,” he said in an interview.


ONE: Don’t ever publicly diminish your outgoing staffers. Ever. You might think they’re not “the best” but don’t say so. Say nothing about those you’ve fired. Use the little time/space you have on the record with the press to focus on the positive forward movement that whatever change you’re making will have on your company.

For example: “We’re very enthusiastic about the upcoming release of [our product]. We’re grateful for the hard work of everyone who has helped [the company] come this far, including those leaving the company today. With this streamlined team we are better-organized to deliver [our product] successfully, and on time. Everyone at [the company] is reinvigorated for this challenge.”

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