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12 lessons for CEOs – Manage your company better

“someone once said to me that CEO is the loneliest job in the world asthere are days that your board hates you, your employees hate you, yourcustomers hate you, and your family hates you”Hate it or not, the job of the CEO is crucial to the success of a company. I wish this article would […]

AT&T trying to commit suicide

Why does AT&T want to know what you’re downloading? – By Tim Wu – Slate Magazine Chances are that as you read this article, it is passing over part of AT&T’s network. That matters, because last week AT&T announced that it is seriously considering plans to examine all the traffic it carries for potential violations […]


It’s not a “retreat”, it’s a “strategic withdrawal”.

Can subliminal messages influence our decisions?

We need more research on this area, but it is clear where the pointers are heading towards: Subliminal Political Messages: Science Sensei 10: Science Videos – Science News – ScienCentral In the study, they asked Israeli volunteers to complete a computer-based survey about their opinions on core issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But for half […]

Negotiating: how much should we offer to maximise acceptance?

Why people believe weird things about money – Los Angeles Times Would you rather be A or B? A is waiting in line at a movie theater. When he gets to the ticket window, he is told that as he is the 100,000th customer of the theater, he has just won $100. B is waiting […]

Chocolate chip cookies aroma and pictures make us more impulsive

Stimulating the appetite can lead to unrelated impulse purchases Exposure to something that whets the appetite, such as a picture of a mouthwatering dessert, can make a person more impulsive with unrelated purchases, finds a study from the February 2008 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research. For example, the researchers reveal in one experiment […]

Virtual worlds, attitude changes and persuasion power

Very interesting discoveries in the fields of psychology and persuasion: ELECTABLE LIKE ME: The power ofdigital imaging raises the specter of manipulation. When photos ofundecided voters were partially morphed into those of candidates, thevoters would prefer a candidate with whom they’d been melded, but couldnot detect that the photo contained their own face. : STANFORD […]

How not to handle a layoff: the Tesla case

Good and timely PR advice: How NOT to handle a layoff, via Tesla « FoundRead In an unfortunate lapse of good judgment, Tesla’s spokesperson Darryl Siry told VentureBeat there was no reason to worry and added, rather defensively, it seems: “We’re letting go of people who are either not the best on the team, or […]

The design crisis: how the rush to market affects the quality of products and services we use

Unfortunately,  the same kind of economic pressures commented in this article are resulting in a gradual loss of design and engineering quality in all industries, not only in software development. White line products, cars, houses…most sectors are affeted. And more will be… Too Much Code: The Design Crisis Of course, the pressures of a competitive […]

How to Sell Expensive Products to Public Institutions

It may take years to be done, but the payoff is usually substantial…and the author shares some great secrets on how to do it all here:

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