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How the world has changed…and will change

Some inaccurate data mixed in or comparisons of apples to oranges (Botswana and Finland wages without considering inflation and cost of living?)…but it’s ok, we’ll let it pass

Virtual reality girlfriends are here

This will have a massive impact in market relationships dynamics, and birth rates, in the near future. As I mentioned in my book “Mobile, domains and the future” addiction will be a huge issue our societies will have to deal with. Many young men will soon be escaping into this reality for increasing amounts of […]

Wearables and work — who wins? – FT Business – Companies & Management Video –

Every day we’re getting closer to what I call “the Hamster economy”. If you don’t know who the hamster is, it’s because it is YOU… Wearable technology is starting to be used in the workplace, with the aim of making employees more productive. But can both managers and workers benefit from it? After testing such […]

The Wellbeing Economy — Emergent Culture — Medium

Link In other words, you are hungry?—?and your PAO knows it. It knows it in ways that you can’t really begin to know it. It knows exactly what you need. It knows what kind of nutrition would simultaneously be most metabolically useful and?—?since you’ve been dutifully evaluating every food experience of the past ten years […]

The Attack on Truth – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Link To fight back, we should remember the basic principles of evidence-based belief and true skepticism that got us out of the Dark Ages. Although behavioral economists, among other scholars, have amply shown that human reason is not perfect, that is no excuse for lazy thinking.

Our massive new monopolies: Amazon, Google and Facebook have the power to move entire economies –

Link As massive data shifts the power balance from workers to employers, it shifts even more power to the data giants. Your company may be able to detect if you have been in e-mail contact with a recruiter, but Microsoft or Google or Verizon knows whether you have an interview, and when. The data giants […]

I won’t say “I told you so” but I told you so…

In 2006 in my book “Mobile, domains and the future” I already talked about Google’s end game, surrounding us with “free” services for profit. Information, time and attention ARE highly valuable, and companies like Google or Facebook know it all too well. Cheering on the End of the World — Incoherent Brainfarts — Medium  

One of the biggest problems we have

A small but influential minority is sending our educational systems back to the dark ages. I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me – Vox All the old, enlightened means of discussion and analysis —from due process to scientific method — are dismissed as being blind to emotional concerns and therefore unfairly skewed […]

Reporter races robot to write a news story

Link What’s more, WordSmith could write 9,999 other stories at the same time if it wanted too.

How A Machine Learned To Spot Depression : Planet Money : NPR

Link I’m in a booth with a computer program called Ellie. She’s on a screen in front of me. Ellie was designed to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, and when I get into the booth she starts asking me questions — about my family, my feelings, my biggest regrets.

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