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THE FUTURE OF GAMING – Gaming The Future – How gaming will enter into every area of our lives

My presentation @developconf #developconf Brighton, 2015

I was an Invisible Girlfriend for a month | Fusion

Link I can see why the Nation called crowdsourced workers “the most exploited workforce of all time” in an article that laid out the serious downsides for the workers, including low pay. By the time I answered 100 texts, I would make $5. Meanwhile, Invisible Girlfriend was charging $15 to $25 for 100 texts, so […]

The Future Costs Of Politically Correct Cultism | Zero Hedge

Link Your feelings do not matter. They are not superior in importance to the fundamental freedom of each individual to choose his associations.

The Servitude Bubble — Bad Words — Medium

LInk That’s the greatest tragedy of the Servitude Bubble. It asks us to waste our lives being people we are not. Posers, performers, hustlers, clowns…making armies of chauffeurs, butlers, maids, servants…on-demand, ever-ready, always-vigilant. To obey nothing more, greater, truer, than idle whims . The Servitude Bubble is made of hundreds of thousands of person-years of wasted […]

The jobs of the future

Interesting infographic

Our Paradoxical Economy Courtesy of Technology and the Lack of Basic Income | Scott Santens

LInk The entire purpose of technology is to allow us to do more with less, and that’s exactly what it’s doing.

I’ll be speaking in Brighton this coming Tuesday. I’ll see you there!

Just a few days for me to speak @developconf in Brighton in July. Check out my session and others here #developconf #seeyouinbrighton

30 amazingly futuristic breakthroughs that have happened this year – Business Insider


How the world has changed…and will change

Some inaccurate data mixed in or comparisons of apples to oranges (Botswana and Finland wages without considering inflation and cost of living?)…but it’s ok, we’ll let it pass

Virtual reality girlfriends are here

This will have a massive impact in market relationships dynamics, and birth rates, in the near future. As I mentioned in my book “Mobile, domains and the future” addiction will be a huge issue our societies will have to deal with. Many young men will soon be escaping into this reality for increasing amounts of […]

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