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Virtual reality synch porn: more men coming off the market

It’s one of the reasons why I created New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn | WIRED You knew this was coming, even if you didn’t want to believe it: A sex-toy company and a VR porn outfit are creating a way to enjoy synced-up virtual reality sex.

ReForm | Hollywood’s Digital Humans

Just announced: my presentation at Develop Brighton 2015. Join me as we explore the bright future of gaming and everything to do with it

Develop Conference in Brighton 2015 – Everything is and will be a game What’s the future of gaming? Are there any opportunities or threats that we should be aware of? In this exciting presentation Javier will show you how you can make the most out of the upcoming gaming revolution, as well as explain where […]

The future of work and society

One of their rebuttals is that better, higher skilled jobs will be created and people will train to get these higher skilled jobs. Do we expect the 50 year old unemployed truck driver to go back to college and become a data scientist or electrical engineer?

Virtual reality theme parks – Outstanding video

As I predicted in my book “Mobile, domains and the future”, VR addiction will be a growing problem in the future. When confronted with a hostile reality and economic reality, more and more of us will “migrate” to virtual reality, and spend an increasing amount of time there. As one commenter puts it: “I’m already […]

The Truth About Facebook: How Communication Became Synonymous With Surveillance | Alternet

Link There’s also a conflict of interest between the tech industry and the government, which is that they’re essentially both involved in bulk data collection and in mass surveillance.

6 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Filmmaking | Indiewire

LInk From the Chauvet Cave paintings of 30,000 years ago, to 6K digital cinema today, we’ve always told stories, we just do it differently as media changes. There’s a new leap in storytelling happening now. Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change the way we express ourselves, communicate with each other and experience the world. […]

I paid a virtual assistant 34 cents a minute to Google things and make my phone calls | The Verge

Link Orri is basically a modern, mobile version of Mechanical Turk, the Amazon project that first popularized the use of virtual, on-demand labor. It even has an API that lets companies “program with people,” plugging human workers into their services with a few lines of code.

Productivity Future Vision – Microsoft 2015


How robots will choose who lives and who dies

How robots will choose who lives and who dies As robots become the norm in various economic sectors, their automated decisions raise ethical questions that need answering before they are as common as the computers in our pockets.

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