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Recruiters pivotal to UK businesses struggling to find leaders


In a poll of HR executives conducted by Saba, only 36% considered leadership to be a strength of their organisation, while 30% said they were finding it difficult to recruit candidates suitable for a senior position. Only 39% of organisations surveyed have development programmes in place, and only 15% of employees receive training to better prepare them for leadership duties.

You Call this Progress? | Do the Math Blog

You Call this Progress? | Do the Math

One of the prevailing narratives of our time is that we are innovating our way into the future at break-neck speed. It’s just dizzying how quickly the world around us is changing. Technology is this juggernaut that gets ever bigger, ever faster, and all we need to do is hold on for the wild ride into the infinitely cool. Problems get solved faster than we can blink.

Changing behavior through synaptic engineering | Think of the implications


WORCESTER, MA — Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School are the first to show that it’s possible to reverse the behavior of an animal by flipping a switch in neuronal communication. The research, published in PLOS Biology, provides a new approach for studying the neural circuits that govern behavior and has important implications for how scientists think about neural connectomes.

The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction – Wait But Why


Turry also needs resources as a stepping stone to her goal. Once she becomes advanced enough to use nanotechnology to build anything she wants, the only resources she needs are atoms, energy, and space. This gives her another reason to kill humans—they’re a convenient source of atoms. Killing humans to turn their atoms into solar panels is Turry’s version of you killing lettuce to turn it into salad. Just another mundane part of her Tuesday.

What will the fourth industrial revolution look like? | CapX


Early 20th century industrialist Henry Ford’s famous quote “Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it is black” would have put his automobile business in trouble today. Cars are now built in a staggering number of variations. You can pick any colour, gear box, motor or rims of your choosing, giving the customer millions of  different combinations to choose from.

We are seeing the same move towards customisation in many different industries, all while demanding the same short delivery times and low prices as for mass-produced goods